Our new bookshelf

My husband & his dad made this huge bookshelf in our home. I painted it-which took forever, but I am loving the result. Books are useful for knowledge, but also for decoration in my opinion. I have not been buying books for ages, because there were no place to put them. & last summer there was a flood in Denmark & most of my books drowned, but now I can go hunting for books again! Yeah!

Sort of empty right now, but that will quickly change.

A cute box & some notebooks.

We also made room for our turntables.

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16 thoughts on “Our new bookshelf

  1. asavarisharma says:

    aww. cute.

  2. StyleJumble says:

    It looks awesome!! Love the turntables. So sorry about your poor books that drowned 😦

  3. Oh that’s really lovely. I’d love to build my own bookshelves (would love to have them over the door like you) but I’m pretty sure they’d be wonky as hell.

    It’s always nice to have bookshelf space to fill – it’s never there for long! 🙂

  4. We love books too. But we had to throw quite a substantial amount when we had to keep moving – it became a burden and now we miss some of them. Well, you have a happy book hunting season! 😀

  5. ashlie says:

    this is awesome! i need a man who can build things…

  6. kalicouture says:

    this is such a cute bookshelf. im jealous, its so cool!

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