Distortion day 1

Distortion is on & yesterday the party was downtown. When I stepped out the door I could already hear the party even though it was a couple of blocks away. I was surprised to see that people already were more than drunk at 9 pm. Seriously Danes drink at every possible occasion from a very young age. But it was all good vibes & crazy loud – but nice music. UnfortunatelyI didn´t get any really good pictures of the massive crowds as people were all over & there wasn´t any spots left for me to stand quietly & take a few good shots.

I went to a tattoo shop called Tusch ( in Magstræde if you´re from Denmark). Many small shops have parties when it´s Distortion. Tusch is owned by a cute lady & tattoo artist who goes by the name Charlotte Monster ( she is no monster as in scary more like a creative monster). She was having a party & as you can see- we had a good time.

Some guys brought their couch & blankets-way to party ; )

These portable bars were all over.

Charlotte Monster & a friend.

A brave stormtrooper was partying at Tusch.

Striking a pose.

Obviously someone has been watching Topmodel.

Love how she decorated her shop. Feels like home  : )

A close up of one of the pictures. My friend Anne´s boyfriend Kim ( yes, in Denmark only men are called Kim) who went hunting. They both go hunting actually.

Doesn´t this place look like a place you want to get your tattoo?!! Charlotte Monster is doing some really great art so if you feel like a tattoo & you live in Denmark you should check it out. For more Charlotte Monster visit her new blog here.


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5 thoughts on “Distortion day 1

  1. meganchapple says:

    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger and One Lovely Blog Award. You can see your award on http://meganchapple.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/project-365-day-152/

  2. ellendircks says:

    Seams so much fun, and Heineken (that’s Dutch) :D, love your blog!

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