So I cut my hair again…

& I love it! & like the last time-if you don´t get it- don´t worry. It´s just because I´m so very avantgarde ; )

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22 thoughts on “So I cut my hair again…

  1. beautybystyle says:

    This really suited you! And your cheekbones just wow! Make them more defined with this haircut:).

  2. Konstantina says:

    Pretty styling, especially for straight hair. Fits you perfectly!

  3. I really like it!! It’s different – and it would look HORRIBLE on me – but it looks really really good on you 🙂

  4. offtherecord says:

    You look so chic with that hair! It’s a great style to play around with makeup – bold lips or bold eyes. Gorgeous x

  5. It’s a riské look but you pull it off 🙂

    • monicaali says:

      Thank you!!! You´re right-it´s risky, but luckily I have a faceshape can pull most hairdo´s off : )

  6. Oh my… I LUHHH your new style!!!

  7. You’re simply beautiful.

  8. ceciliawyu says:

    🙂 Interesting symetric cut….thank you for enjoying my blog. Nice to meet you.

  9. Kimba Kay says:

    I LOVE it! So chic.

  10. Hello Kimber says:

    Love the hair : ) reminds me of agyness deyn

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