Some pretty tattoos

Tattoos are a very individual thing. & in my opinion also very temporary. You crave, you get the tattoo & then after some time it´s just there. That´s the charm of it I guess. Not being able to wipe it off entirely even if it the name on your body belongs to a person that you don´t love or care about anymore. Whether it´s a drawing that you once liked or a persons name it will be a part of your looks forever, but because you at some point chose it yourself. If I had a tattoo like that I would just write underneath-  ” is smelly” or ” is stupid”-okay maybe not, but I am so happy that I didn´t. There is a Danish reality-docu thing called the “Tattoosalon” where one of the artist had his then girlfriend face tattooed.They did a moustache on the tattoo. That was soooo funny.

Ivania from love-aesthetics. Love her simple tattoo. Her boyfriend actually made it.

Singer Medina´s tattoos says “forever”.

Aren´t these the cutest?!!!



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20 thoughts on “Some pretty tattoos

  1. JPK says:

    Love tattoos on women lol

  2. judithsmarkworld says:

    That’s why I like henna tattoos the best. You can erase it after you grow tired of it.

  3. mylittlebexi says:

    I may have to get these Russian doll tattoo’s with my sisters, lovely idea!

  4. Lily says:

    the sister tattoos are so cute!

  5. Matrewka for tatto=)))it is great idea!

  6. yadumu says:

    I definitely have a weakness for tattoos. That first tattoo is absolutely stunning though. Took me a second to see it, which adds to its overall charm.

  7. jasminmgrady says:

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  8. I love tattoos… but I agree that it’s more of ‘spur of the moment’ kind. I don’t have tattoos on me, but I like tattoo designs. What I also do is use henna and do tattoo designs on my arm, especially the inside of my wrist. It last for about 4 weeks, so you can always change it. But if you want the same tattoo, just go over it. Simples.

  9. Thanks for the ‘like’. Yes, we loved the poetry tatoo on the one girls neck. So lovely and so very personal.

  10. I love the sister tattoos…I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo lately but I need to make sure it’s not just a fad.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post The Budget Fashionista: Handbags

  11. This is an awesome blog!

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