Finally, at last….halleluja. The Danish government today go from neanderthals to homosapiens as a new law is made in Denmark. Gay people can now get married in a church! Denmark was the first country to permit gay couples to register partnership in 1989, but they could not get married in a church. There is still some discrimination going on as the priests can still say no to a couple, because they are against gay marriages. Hopefully that will change in time, cause it´s getting really old. We just got a little closer to freedom !!!

A Copenhagen church ” Vor Frue Kirke” during Outgames a couple of years ago.

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14 thoughts on “Halleluja!!!

  1. Lisi-lu says:

    That’s a step into the right direction, I hope Germany will also do so…

  2. Kimba Kay says:

    Yay! That’s a beautiful thing!

  3. That is great news! Still, you should be thankful for living in a country where gay marriage has been accepted for over two decades, so many countries are still struggling, some of them even go as far as punishing gay relationships! It’s absurd, really. Every country should look up to Denmark 🙂

    • i agree. here, in germany, gay marriage in churches is still not allowed. i wish our country would come as far as denmark,.

    • monicaali says:

      I am thankful, but a country that call others narrow minded should not have a problem giving gay people the right to marry in a church. Thankfully we have a new government, which means that some stuff is changing.

  4. iamnotminimal says:

    thanks a lot for like iamnotminimal. please follow news from Thailand.
    Best Regard

  5. ellendircks says:

    Thank god 😉 I’m catholic myself and I see no problem with that…

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