Annie Leibovitz & Louis Vuitton

This week Louis Vuitton has a new campaign add in the magazines. It´s the “Core Values Campaign” that has been running for quite a while. This time the living legend Muhammad Ali ( my father was actually also called Muhammad Ali-how cool is that ; ) is the spokesperson & he brought one of his grandchildren along-who looks like a mini version of his grandfather! Too cute! I really enjoy this picture shot by Annie Leibovitz. I like that Louis Vuitton used these personalities instead of models. The add makes me think of these peoples great careers which really compliments the classic brand & adds reliability. I am actually not the classic LV girl, but this add makes me want the bag-so to me it´s well done.

Below are some of the other pictures from previous “Core Values” adds that Annie Leibovitz also did for LV.

Angelina Jolie

Sean Connery

Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. I wish I knew why they choose Keith Richards as he is so rock n´roll that he is known for having issues with hardcore drugs. But I like the picture & no one can take away his great career as guitarist & songwriter.

Francis Ford Coppola & daughter Sofia Coppola both producers, directors & screenwriters. He is well known for his Godfather movies, The Conversation & Apocalypse now. She is well known for The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette & Somewhere.

Tennis legends Andre Agassi & Steffi Graff. Andre Agassi is well known for his hairdo in the eighties-I think all women wanted to touch his hair. Hahaha.

   French actress & muse to several designers, Catherine Deneuve

Former president of the Soviet Union & very charismatic person; Mikhail Gorbatjov.

What a great job Annie Leibovitz has done with this campaign. If you don´t recall any of Annie Leibovitz´ work I have to mention a few that you probably know when you see it..

This great & vulnerable picture she took of John Lennon & Yoko Ono was probably the last picture as he was shot dead hours later. So sad, but the photo is incredible-all love.

This I think we all remember. Then it was quite controversial. This picture was the one that kicked off the naked pictures of pregnant celebs trend.

Annie Leibovitz herself with one of her famous works: Queen Elizabeth II of England.

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18 thoughts on “Annie Leibovitz & Louis Vuitton

  1. getloworld says:

    I love her work! amazing photography 😀

  2. Wow, I have never been a huge Louis Vuitton fan either, but they have done an amazing job with the “Core Values” ads. And Annie Leibovitz and her work is amazing! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. bryologue says:

    I’m a big fan of the Core Values campaign as well, but there’s something weird going on with Ali’s head in that picture. It is bothering me a bit.

  4. The one of the Coppola’s is my favorite. I like the idea of generations working together and the passing of information, art and wisdom.
    x Laura

  5. Rita Bee says:

    This work is amazing! The Agassi-Graff photo is beautiful. Well, so are te others but that one and the Coppola one are my favourites for some reason…

  6. I think these pictures are amazing – personal, theatrical, beautiful. Hard to believe they’re only for an ad campaign!

  7. Reblogged this on Monte Media Network and commented:
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  8. Kimba Kay says:

    Oh man you weren’t kidding; this really does make you want to buy one. I love the Sean Connery and Keith Richards one.

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