Slightly disturbing & yet so cool


I have been looking at these candleholders for quite some time. They are called “Little Joseph” They are made by Maxim Velkovsky.  It is so really disturbing to use a kids head as the image of a candleholder. But it looks so cool & beautiful when the candle melts over the head-which is also really weird & kind of awful-but hey it´s a candleholder not a kid. I like that it changes a lot. Either it´s very clean or you can use different colors of candles & watch is change. Pure art.

Here artist Maxim Velkovsky made a bruised version of  Little Joseph. I guess the artist really think of “Little Joseph” as mistreated. Do you also find it creepy?

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33 thoughts on “Slightly disturbing & yet so cool

  1. modgam says:

    errie yet it is somehow drawing me to it…

  2. Jendi says:

    they are so creppy that it’s a must have 😉

  3. fashionatress says:

    Love it! Really cool and unusual!

  4. ahah oh my god! Poor little Joseph, that’s a tough life to live 🙂

  5. lovepinkmilktea says:

    Morbid, yet fascinating. I guess we’ll be seeing these in a scary movie some time soon!

  6. I’ve seen them around before and i found them very cute actually 😛
    But probably freak Richard out at night, lol!

  7. Where can I order these? They are AWESOME!! I want one for every friend.
    Portia xx

  8. Charlotte says:

    So wicked. I love’em!

  9. Julie Lange: My Style Workshop says:

    Your title is so accurate!! These are cool!

  10. judithsmarkworld says:

    Reblogged this on Judithsmarkworld and commented:
    What do you think of these candle holders? This is a little too much for me…. Would you buy these?

  11. KaKa says:

    OMG these really are disturbing! They look like they’re crying when the wax is melting! omg I am freaked out by this, but I cant stop looking at it!

  12. These are srsly freaky… but, damn, I love them!! Need to get them too :DD!

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