Hilary Tsui

I have written about Hilary Tsui before here. She is such an inspiration to me. She has a store in Hong Kong called Liger-so wish I could shop there-sadly they don´t have a webshop.

Love the tights & adore her Chloé boots.

Very Hilary Tsui-love them

Her friends look is so cool!

Amazing style-I need to visit Hong Kong!

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27 thoughts on “Hilary Tsui

  1. SASY says:

    Such great looks!

  2. modgam says:

    OMG… we have the same fashion icon idol! i love her tooooo… its through liger store i got to know about MBT sandals, tata baby bags… and more other fashion stuffs.

    • monicaali says:

      How cool! It´s the first time I´ve heard of others that know who she is. I wonder how many hidden Asian blogger-treasures there are out there ; )

      • modgam says:

        hahaaa cos im Chinese like her. Im from Singapore. I visit hong kong at least once a year for shopping! hahaaaa there are toooooo many and we should definitely stay in touch Monicaali! u are one of my very very early blogger friend here.

  3. I didn’t know about her. Glad I do now though. Thanks!

  4. mrusakov says:

    Your style is so different yet so cool and edgy! I love it!
    Please check out my blog at:www.boldmode.wordpress.com
    Thanks! 😀

  5. Boobieslifeandluster says:

    Her style is seriously amazing

  6. Wow! I love the outfit she’s wearing with the red skirt and boots, and some kind of piano sash. Good fashion. Also, thanks for liking one of my posts!

  7. What a fun blog! Thank you for stopping by ours.

  8. teapotsandtoast says:

    Love it! I Love the socks/stockings with the shoes!

  9. KaKa says:

    I was looking at these photos and I was thinking to myself, hmm she looks like that TVB star married to Eason Chan.. then it dawned on me her name is hillary TSUI chinese name Tsui Ho Ying, then I was like ohhhh! Since when did she become so cool! Love it! I see her in a completely different light now lol! thanks for this great post!

  10. natashatynan says:

    I have nominated you for the Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award. Please follow this link and copy the logo and questions. Paste them to your site and fill them out along with 10 blogs. Have fun! Congratulations!!

  11. missgiven says:

    Such a cute haircut!

  12. uponheels says:

    She got swag! I love it!!! Wish I had the creative edge to think of outfits like these!

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