Not amused these days…

I have earlier written about “my” minority group that suffer a lot in Afghanistan & Pakistan-the hazara´s. At the moment it´s not that bad in Afghanistan, but in Quetta, Pakistan where a large group of the minority lives people live in fear. Monday there was a bomb attack again. A bus full of students were killed on their way to the university. I can´t stand the pictures. Dead people. & all the scared people. Yesterday I wrote Mr. Villy Søvndal, minister of foreign affairs in Denmark & Danish Primeminister Mrs. Helle Thorning Schmidt to express how concerning it is to sit & watch while no one does something. No one puts pressure on the Pakistani government to take care of all the talibans. Pakistan have given these terrorist shelter for way too long. I am signing petitions every day to help panda bears, gay people, prevent censorship on the internet, supporting the people of Syria in their fight against their government & the list goes on. Why won´t anyone help these people?

I will continue to get my point across & my voice heard. My parents taught me that all of us have a social responsibility & that we shouldn´t sit back & relax just because we are lucky to live in another part of the world.

It is truly surreal to sit in my very nice home, which is located near the queen of Denmark´s castle in Denmark & know that my family in Pakistan live in fear.


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12 thoughts on “Not amused these days…

  1. eva says:

    Kære Monica…det er grusomt…jeg deler lige.

  2. That really is terrible, it’s incredibly frustrating and hurtful to see your people struggling like that and not being able to physically do anything to stop it or prevent it :\ I hope your voice is heard and someone with more influence takes action x

  3. Glor says:

    Ok, the second photo is my favorite!!! Terrible things happen in this world, thanks for shedding a little light on this! xoGlor

  4. Hartzog-Bagsby Consulting says:

    Thank you for the insight. Ironically, I just finished a conversation with a friend of mine that’s a doctor, about the atrocities that take place socially. Keep speaking the truth 🙂

  5. that is horrific… i feel and pray for you and your family and of those directly effected.

  6. qvfgigglingcohan1979 says:

    Reblogged this on Tyler Quade Post.

  7. Karmaczyk says:

    Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner bought me here.

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