Some new stuff

Saturday I had a busy day. I was helping my good friend Cecilie moving her stuff into her great new apartment & then I rushed to the taekwondo club´s summerparty. I was in such a hurry in the morning that I forgot all about makeup. I don´t wear a lot of makeup, but having very short hair I do think it looks better with a little something on my eyes at least. So I did a quick stop at MAC on my way to the party & got a brown liquid eyeliner & a brush. I have been wanting a liquid one for some time & so I also got the brush. I often wear brown eyeliner, because I often don´t like my eyes to be too dramatic.

& I also got this necklace from H&M. I love the colors. Now I just have to use it. For about 10 years I have been wearing only two pieces of jewelry: my very thin & plain gold necklace & my wedding ring. For the last six months I have been craving more, but the little things I bought still lives in my closet, because I feel weird wearing jewelry that craves attention. Do you have stuff in your closet like that? That you like, but they don´t really come out of the jewelrybox or closet?

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17 thoughts on “Some new stuff

  1. Hello! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Have a look here:
    for all the details 🙂

  2. I used to be the me way…I would wear the same jewelry all the time because, to be honest, it’s gorgeous. But I’m trying to branch out and wear add more “fun” jewelry to my collection! This H&M fringe necklace sure is fun!!

  3. I used to be like that. You get a piece and then never wear it. Ever since my brother started making the jewellery I’ve got nothing else left, but to wear it:) I now got used to it so much, that I feel naked without it. Also I think people should dress up a bit more. We so often by clothes/shoes/accessories for a special occasion. Why not have everyday as a special occasion? Life’s flying by really fast and you don’t want to regret it passing by. Your necklace is colourful and perfect for a summer. Once you wear it I’m sure you’ll “get used to it” quickly and will start wearing it more often:)

    And here’s the link to my brother’s creations:

    Jolita xx

  4. Julie Lange: My Style Workshop says:

    You must wear that necklace! Very nice!

  5. cosycrafter says:

    That necklace is fab!

  6. fancieland says:

    That is an adorable necklace!! Love the different colors

  7. Mimi Ruleta says:

    That necklace is super unique!

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