A little info on the products I recieved from My Roots yesterday

As you know My Roots spoiled me with a package yesterday & I promised to let you know what kind of magic the products do. So here goes:

Babybearshop made this handy organic lipbalm called “All the better to kiss you with”. I got with pomegranate flavour. It also comes in lavender vanilla, mint & chai mandarin. The brand is a member of fx PETA, Child Healthy World & Organic Trade Association. The tinbox is so cute that I will have to reuse it for moisturizer or my youngest can play with it in her “shop”.

RMS lip & skin balm

RMS stands for Rose Marie Swift. She is a celebrity make up artist that created her on organic make up line for health & fashion oriented women. RMS aims at caring for your skin while wearing makeup.

The ingredients in lip & skin balm will promises to protect the skin from free radical damages as these are well known for aging skin & to protects the skin from extreme weather conditions & environmental stress. It´s for all skin types & can also be used around the eye at night & good for fine lines. I am quite exited about this as I need an eyecream & haven´t been able to decide which to buy.

Below are some of Rose -Marie´s work. Quite impressive.

Gisele on the cover of Harpers Bazaar

Lindsey Wixson on the cover of Korean W

Arizona Muse on the cover of Russian Vogue

American Vogue

Tilda Swinton in W magazine

Erin Wasson

& Rose- Marie Swift, the creator of RMS herself

Tomorrow I will let you in on the last two products benefits & secrets.

These products on be purchased at my-roots.dk

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