Daphne Guinness

I admire Daphne Guiness way of dressing. She never leaves her home in a relaxed outfit. I bet she doesn´t even own a tracksuit. Amours seems to be a source of inspiration for her. I also love her signature blond hair with a big black stripe. Kind of reminds me of Pepe le pew-haha.. She is a big haute couture collector & part of her collection is now auctioned at Christie´s in London. The proceeds will be donated to the Isabella Blow foundation, which is such a great cause since it support emerging talents in arts & fashion. Actually part of Daphne Guinness´s collection was Isabella Blow´s, but Daphne Guinness purchased her entire wardrobe when she died to keep it from decaying.

These pictures reminds me that it´s nice to dress up once in a while. It feels so good-don´t you think? Tomorrow I will stay in the haute couture world & write a bit on Isabella Blow.

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3 thoughts on “Daphne Guinness

  1. I love her, because she isn’t scared of anything!!
    Jessie from http://fashioninacup.wordpress.com/

  2. different weird styles, great blog 😉
    check mine if you want!


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