Guestpost by Lara from Tatars and Teacups!

Hey there fashion enthusiasts!  I’m so excited to be guest posting here!  My name is Lara from Tartars and Teacups, and it’s my first guest post so I hope ya’ll like it!

When I first started going to concerts in my first year of college, I didn’t know what to wear or how to carry myself in the venue.  There is no doubt that every girl has in the back of her mind the idea that lead-guitarist-johnny-in-a-leather-jacket would notice her and sing directly to her and thus commences the love story that Independent film makers have made the new dream-romance for the indie girl. Along with that, though, I wanted to look like the other girls- which seems totally backwards!  When I look back on it, I was so wrong!  I realized the big thing about dressing for a concert is not whether you fit in with the crowd, but whether you can mold with the vibe. By this I mean, who gives two sh*ts about what Hipster Jenny is wearing- wear what makes you feel like you can walk in through that door, have every cute rocker glance your way because of your confidence, and keep walking past with every intention that your night is going to rock no matter what others think!  Of course you won’t stick out if you look like the others- in fact, you might become the wallflower because you are anything but genuine!

Just think about the girls we know and love for their personal style on the music scene- we love their individuality and confidence.  I spent so much time trying to pick out the perfect outfit for a concert… before it hit me… what was going through my mind wasn’t “What will make me feel like a bad a** and still have fun dancing my butt off to that dramatic bass line?  Will I sweat like a lunatic?  Who cares- black it is!  Where is that purse with the studs and rhinestones?” It was instead, “What will the other girls be wearing?  They are all so cute with their musician boyfriends- hm, well if I look like them, wait… then I can’t really dance around, and it’ll be really hot, but maybe it’ll work.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it took me so long to realize the atmosphere of the concert world gives girls a place to be themselves, love the music, be in touch with their own emotions, and to be free to walk with confidence.  The girls who go and dress for others miss the whole point- and will inevitably lose site of who they are, why they are there, and the importance of being themselves.  They should instead let the culture of the music scene influence their personal style. The best part is to get a little cooky!  Think Florence from Florence and the Machine!


Well, fine, from my 4 solid years of constant concert going, in multiple countries, from New York, USA to Lublin, Poland, here are some of my go-to picks:

Feeling artsy?  Go with a creative dress and cute shoes:


Does the band have a young poppy vibe? Go with high waisted skirt (with a low back is always cute with some innocent sex appeal):


Feeling like you’d rather go to bed but can’t miss this show?  Skinny jeans and a flowy t-shirt:


Feeling like you want to dominate with some attitude?  MotoJacket over nearly all black and add some shoes with a heel:

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11 thoughts on “Guestpost by Lara from Tatars and Teacups!

  1. Awesome looks! beautiful girls! Love the dress on the first one!

  2. I’m an avid fan of leather jackets. I love the motojacket in the last pic. The embellishments on it are great because you can wear it without jewelry. Great post!

    • monicaali says:

      I love motojackets as well. Love that they can dress anything down. & yes Lara´s post i so cool!

  3. fashionmudra says:

    Well done! Absolutely lovely images 🙂

  4. Boobieslifeandluster says:

    Love the post – great style choices too

  5. eden says:

    I love festival/concert style. So organic and creative.

  6. I totally relate to this post and end up spending waaay too much time thinking about my outifit before I go to concerts. Thank you so much for writing this because it has totally given me the best insight and advice on what to do to feel confident and comfortable! 🙂

    xx Veronica

    • tartarsandteacups says:

      Thank you so much! It makes me very happy to hear that you got something out of my post! I’m also glad you could get something from my own experiences-
      Best, Lara 🙂

  7. tartarsandteacups says:

    Reblogged this on Tartars and Teacups and commented:
    If you all didn’t see it last week, you can check out my guest post here on Monica’s blog.

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