New in – two Acne dresses

Hope you all are having a nice weekend! I have a busy couple of weeks coming up with lots of parties. We kicked off yesterday with my friends wedding. It was a huge wedding with about 400 guests. Great party . I am a sucker for rituals-they make me weep-haha. & it does not help when the bride & groom look as cute as the couple yesterday.

& this morning we went to a surprise brunch for a friend. It was so much fun. He thought he was going to work so he was blown away : )

In yesterdays post I promised to show you what is in the pretty Acne paper bag.

All nicely wrapped.

Striped Acne dress.

Snake print Acne dress-with a braided back. The perfect party dress. I will post pics as soon as I wear it.

I also bought a couple of knee-length socks in navy blue.  Navy is my favorite color at the moment when it comes to clothing. They are pretty with dresses, but I really like wearing them in the winter- to keep me warm.

Have a great saturday everybody!






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9 thoughts on “New in – two Acne dresses

  1. masquerade21 says:

    I like the snake print dress, I’m a big fan of grey dresses.

    I’ve created a group for WordPress fashion and beauty bloggers on Facebook and would love it if you joined, you can find it at!/groups/458947007457673/

  2. Lucky you! Did you go crazy on the summer sale? I always do, lol!

  3. loved the dress!! great blog 😉
    check mine if you want!

  4. brianfjesseewg says:

    Reblogged this on Brian Jessee Post.

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