Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton

So we all know that Louis Vuitton hired Yayoi Kusama for a collection adding Kusamas art. I love that Marc Jacobs once in a while use art for his work & this is the first time that I really loved it. Dots are so cool when added the right way & on the right piece of clothing.

But who is Yayoi Kusama? She is this cool & courageous person that is actually over 80. Kusama was born & raised in Japan, but moved to New York to work with her art. She was very inspired by European & American art & quickly she became a part of the avantgarde. Through her career she has been painting, doing collages, sculptures, performance art & installation art. Very minimalistic, surreal & pop art. She has won several awards for her art & holds the record for living female artists on one piece sales. The piece was sold by Christies in New York in 2008 for $ 5,1 million.

She moved back to Japan in the 70´s. Due to psychiatric issues she admitted herself to a hospital where she voluntarily still lives. She still works ofcourse & claims she still lives because of art. I admire her since it is no joke living with heavy psychiatric issues. Awesome lady!

Below are some pictures of the collection she collaborated on for Louis Vuitton.

Cute isnt´? I am thinking Minnie Mouse & Rei Kawakubo ( Commes des garcons) .

Kusama herself. I have to be as cool when I reach her age.

Below are some of her gorgeous work.

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14 thoughts on “Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton

  1. ayoliag says:

    pretty cool! Wonder if I could rock one of these!

  2. Great post–love, love Kusama’s dotted surfaces + all her brilliant spots!
    Equally fascinated by video that shows how she transforms monochrome living room into a room full of colour + pattern. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xNzr-fJHQw&feature=related

  3. so colorful and happy! 🙂 love it
    great blog 😉
    check mine if you want!


  4. katherine says:

    Great post!! Very inspiring!

  5. lestyliste says:

    such a great post! love the collection.

  6. TheQueenBeetch says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this collection, so inspiring!
    Thanks for following me by the way 🙂 Ciao from Italy! 🙂


  7. Jeni Johnson says:

    Loved this post….not a fan of color but these pictures were vibrantly capturing….

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