Opening Ceremony autumm winter collection 2012

The new collections are slowly arriving on the shelves. One of my favorite collections is  Opening Ceremony´s autumm winter collection.  I love that you can tell that it is not just any piece of garment, but it´s great design, quality & the colors are awesome.

Check it out for yourselves. The model is btw so cute!


14 thoughts on “Opening Ceremony autumm winter collection 2012

  1. njpie says:

    The model is adorable! xx

  2. tocksin says:

    I really respond to the spatial effect, in the sense that there is space that is occupied by color zones that put the eye at ease. Thanks!

  3. Oh I really like the cutout fabric 🙂

  4. Princess Fiona Crystal says:

    Reblogged this on LOVE is NOT about GENDER and commented:
    Must check this one !!

  5. StyleJumble says:

    Oh wow! That black/blue velvet coat…wow! Great stuff and what a sweet choice for a model.

  6. Shaded Beauty says:

    Love the burnt orange leather jacket, tres chic! The knitted clover top is cute too 🙂

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