Isabelle Tuchband

I was checking out the Selby & I saw Isabelle Tuchbands house. She lives an artist who lives in Brazil. What caught my eye was at first all the colors. Then it was the boho-style & I noticed the art that is all over. Oh wow she has a cool home & she is a great artist as well. In Denmark you will never find a home like that. The colors you will only find at a foreigners home ( fx at a Afghan home in Denmark) & at a bohemian house you will find the stuff, that creates the boho style, but then the colored walls will be missing. We need some more color up in here in the north. Check her place out & let me know if you like it or if you find it a mess.

Below is some of her art. She likes to do self portraits. I would love one of her posters. Her prices for originals are probably a little of my reach ; )

Cute isn´t?!!! I love how she portraits strong women.

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10 thoughts on “Isabelle Tuchband

  1. Val says:

    That is what I call eclectic! I love her place! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Raoul says:

    The colors, the richness, I love it. Very creative… Thanx for sharing..

  3. I love seeing all of the color – thanks for sharing!

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