Yesterdays party outfit

So yesterday my mother hosted a party for the family celebrating my sister getting married. Our family gatherings are always really fun & this was no exception since family from Canada & Norway where celebrating with us. I does not happen very often that we get together with family from other countries since most of our family are spread on many continents.

I am wearing a Pakistani party outfit ( & Burberry sandals which you can hardly see) that my sweet cousin in Pakistan picked out for me. There are very few stores in Denmark that sells outfits like these & they are quite expensive  since the demand is big considering the supply. & since my cousin in Pakistan is designing her outfits all the time she always helps picking out our stuff-lucky me!


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11 thoughts on “Yesterdays party outfit

  1. You look so beautiful! I’m so glad you posted this outfit. It’s magical.
    x Laura

  2. amaliqbal says:

    Your shalwar-kamiz is so pretty! Yay for being pretty clothes, its a great perk we Pakistanis get!

  3. Simply beautiful. I love the outfit 🙂

  4. logoseller says:

    nice salwar kamiz….very lovely.

  5. Jeni Johnson says:


  6. @somefactory says:

    Very Cool outfit!!!

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