Diane Keatons androgynous look

Diane Keaton is one of my favorite Hollywood ladies. I really admire her sense of style. She is known for her androgynous look & when she did Woody Allen´s movie “Annie Hall” the wardrobe was mostly of Keaton´s own wardrobe. She inspired a lot of women in the 70´s to wear men´s clothing after “Annie Hall”.

While fashion comes & go. Diane Keaton stays true to her unique style & it is not getting old. She also likes to wear gloves & switches to a more conservative clothing style: such as all black-in fitted pants & turtleneck.

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8 thoughts on “Diane Keatons androgynous look

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    I agree, she’s always maintained her look although sometimes she looks frumpy and tries to incorporate a wide belt to tie in her look. Other than that she’s come a long way since her God Father Days….l

  2. Raoul Brown says:

    Classic …. I’ve always been a fan of her style. It’s timeless; she does it and does it well. Her eyes, smile and that laugh. This post just sparked an idea for a shoot. Thanx :). I’ll share some images with you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. nijibow says:

    I love this woman , she is just amazing !

  4. ceciliawyu says:

    Reblogged this on Sustain-Able 余 : Cecilia's Blog and commented:
    Diane Keaton was cool. But the true Queen of Androgyny is another Capricorn drama queen: Marlene Dietrich…she did YSL’s Le Smoking before He started smoking!

    Let’s face it, am I surprised that when it comes to style, Capricorn women wear the pants? Isn’t it obvious? The average Capricorn male is about as macho as my Capricorn kitten after he has had his balls taken off at the vet! lol.

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