A little…(ok a lot) new wardrobe yum for my closet…

I just came home from Spain. I needed some sun & luckily we were able to stay at a family friend´s vacation home just above North Africa. So I got all the sun I needed & then some. I even got to visit a friend who lives in Albir. So good seeing her & the place she now lives. The kids wanted to go to the beach all the time, which is not my favorite at all-I get bored. Luckily there were several bigger cities around so I could do some shopping. & as you might know Zara is Spanish & since they had great sales I couldn´t help buying stuff I need in my wardrobe-YUM!

Here are some pics

I love this polka dot shirt with the zipper. It will spice up some shorts or pants & I will wear it will sneakers or high heels. I also bought in in black.

I needed some bouclé like jackets & I love the back of this one. I will style them with jeans & heels.

I was happy to find this one on sale. I had been looking at it in Copenhagen, but at the time i wasn´t willing to pay 900 DKK, which is 120 Euros or 150 US dollars. In Spain I got it for 30 Euro´s-how cool is that!

These I will wear as necklaces.

Stripes are always good in my book. The dress is from Mango.

I love this nude color & the pearls will look really good with some more edgy items like a leatherjacket or a cap & sneakers.

As everybody else I love fringes & I love wedges so this is a win win.

I saw this dress on one of my best dressed friends & fell in love with it. Of course she bought it on one of her many travels. But luckily it was waiting for me in Spain. Now I just have to not wear it when we meet up-we don´t want to look like teenagers or uniformed ; ) The dress is from Mango.

The last jacket I bought. It looks quite conservative, but with the right worn out jeans it will be perfect.

Miss those palm trees!

Tomorrow Copenhagen fashion week kicks off & I am looking forward to all the shows. I will of course capture some moments from all shows & events & write about them. It´s going to be a great week!

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17 thoughts on “A little…(ok a lot) new wardrobe yum for my closet…

  1. patpatkay says:

    The first top and the shoes are so yummy! I’m jealous 😮

  2. tartarsandteacups says:

    Love the Mango dress! That’s one of my favorite stores in Europe! The ones in Poland are adorable!

    • monicaali says:

      You are so lucky! There is only one left here in Copenhagen & I don’t even bother going in since it’s so small & somehow only carry stuff that’s not my style.

      • tartarsandteacups says:

        That’s such a bummer- sounds like the one I went to in Vologda, Russia. In Poland and Vienna there are really nice Mango stores! I hope sometime you get the chance to go to one!

  3. Those wedges are hawt! 3 things I heart: wedges+suede+and fringes lol

  4. Whaaaah ❤ So many lovely new clothes :DD I envy you … this polkadot shirt and the necklace are adorable ❤

  5. thelookes says:

    really good finds!

  6. stoptrippin says:

    I’m going to Spain this summer and this blog made me even more excited! Thanks for the like and the awesome sense of fashion 🙂

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