Pretty Olympic Outfits

I love that the TV is packed with the Olympics at the moment. I don´t usually watch a lot of sports, but the Olympics is different since there are so many different sports to pick from. I especially like to watch gymnastics. It´s incredible how these people can move. Taekwondo is ofcourse also a favorite, but unfortunately they don´t show a lot on TV.

This time I am also quite surprised that a lot of the official outfits are quite cool. I remember my days on the nationalteam & that was quite sad fashionwise. The white fighting suit is always nice, but the track suits was always horrific. Here I will show you guys my favorite Olympic outfits for 2012

Jamaica´s uniform is made by Puma & I think it´s perfect to use the colors from their flag the way that Puma did. The female uniform is the coolest by far.

How cool are these outfits?!!!! Russia are going superhero style.They are designed by Nike.

Stella McCartney ofcourse designed GB´s uniforms for Adidas.



Also not very surprising Ralph Lauren designed for the US team. I love Ralph Lauren´s polo shirts, but otherwise the outfit is a little too conservative for me.

South Korea´s outfits are designed by Fila. Like the US it´s quite conservative, but still cute with the stripes & navy jackets. My favorite outfit in this picture is the third from the right.

Which do you like the most?

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14 thoughts on “Pretty Olympic Outfits

  1. I love the4 GB kit, and the Jamican (mainly the men’s) not sure about the US though… cool post 🙂

  2. lushlili says:

    I’m loving the Jamaican’s outfits 😀

  3. Gilraen says:

    Nice posts. I too saw many interesting outfits.
    The US one in my book is conservative bordering on boring whereas he Koreans gave the same colourscheme a nice quirky twist

  4. ayoliag says:

    Lolol it’s so funny you listed Jamaica first….. It’s by Cedella Marley – daughter of Bob Marley. From all indications it was not well received by us Jamaicans…me included but I suppose I’ve gotten over it. Was quite surprising when it listed in the top outfits overall!

    Britan’s is cool!

  5. Anne says:

    I’ve noticed the Japanese track suits. Navy blue retro style – nice!

  6. KristySamone says:

    Reblogged this on KristySamone: Fashion Femme Fatale and commented:
    I agree with, Jamaica’s uniform is pretty hot!

  7. KristySamone says:

    This is well done – gotta reblog:)

  8. Thanks for sharing! I also blogged about Olympics Games Kit, do check it out here: 😉 x

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