Copenhagen Fashion Week- Yasamin Zafar & Friture

People at the SS13 Yasamin Zafar show & Friture show. I spotted the girl in the pink dress & thought she looked super cute & cool with her platinum like hair, vintage dress & beat up All stars.

You can´t help notice this guy. He is one of the bloggers from carolinesmode.  He looks like he just stepped out of a Star Wars movie after saying goodbye to his friend Obi Wan Kenobi. I really like his look & I always admire people that dares to be different. He is so pale & his hair is very blonde & lies flat on his head.

Copenhagen based Yasamin Zafar´s show was the first one up. Unfortunately I didn´t get any good shots at the show, but you can check out this blog for some pictures from both shows. Unfortunately there aren´t any pictures of my favorite items. I especially liked Yasamin Zafar´s suede bikershorts & the body below.

Picture from Patrick Pankalla´s blog.

This dress is also quite cool. I like that it´s lower in the back. As a kid I loved wearing the backside of my shirt out.

Next up was Friture. The brand is both Danish & Norwegian & like Yasamin Zafar the brand has a ready to wear vibe, but with a surprising element-both brands are very clever in my opinion. Below are my favorites from the collection.

Casual but with great details. I am sure that many Scandinavian will be wearing both Yasemin Zafar & Friture next summer. I will for sure be wearing suede bikershorts & the long dresses which are slightly longer in the back.

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6 thoughts on “Copenhagen Fashion Week- Yasamin Zafar & Friture

  1. dovergirl says:

    I’m digging the model’s hair…

  2. Jeni Johnson says:

    Those sandals a everywhere and I dislike the look of them soooooo much!

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