Tabernacle Twins SS13- Copenhagen Fashion Week


Love their hair!



The duo Electric Lady Lab in the front row.



My good friend Yasmin ( from ) & I went to see the Tabernacle Twins show. As you can see our seats were perfect for taking good shots.



Through out the show there were “twins”. It worked really well because of hair, makeup & the printed clothes.



These suits are sooo cute, but if we are wearing these next summer-we should stop eating right now-LOL





The colors were a real treat. Love this dress.



I am thinking matador-such a cool outfit.



I loved all the flowy outfits. We are going to see a lot of it next summer-not bad at all!



I like the longer lengths for next summer. Beautiful & comfy.



Lovely hair & makeup.







Here we have the final outfit & designer Vibe Lundemark. This was one of my favorite shows indeed & kept in the Tabernacle Twins spirit with plenty of colors & print. I definitely need some of these for next spring.

Oh & btw my husband & I have been married for 10 years today!!! I still can´t believe it. I am  one lucky girl!


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6 thoughts on “Tabernacle Twins SS13- Copenhagen Fashion Week

  1. Really liking the Tabernacle Twins, and huge congrats on your wedding anniversary today.

  2. Hartzog-Bagsby Consulting says:

    I should have KNOWN that you two fabulous ladies were friends! Great coverage of the show!

  3. I absolutely LOVE these prints!

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