New in stores-wardrobe yum

Thank you sooo much for your bloglovin!!! You guys are the best!!!! It really means a lot to me since more people are likely to see my blog & as a blogger it makes more sense to keep up the work when you have readers stopping by regularly. So thank you!!!!

In Copenhagen it´s really warm at the moment & I am loving it!!!! But I can´t help notice all the nice autumn clothes that are popping up everywhere. Fx the Danish brand Wood Wood designed this hood that I have to have. I know it´s the same stuff that children are wearing, but somehow it really speaks to me.

It will look so cool with a oversized coat. Your face will be framed & you can let some hair out like in the picture so you won´t look like a 2 year old. You can find it here.


Acne coat-this will keep you warm : )


Kenzo Ipad case


Topshop headband


Topshop lip studs


Topshop bag

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2 thoughts on “New in stores-wardrobe yum

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Great pics! Loving all the ideas for fall. Question: if we are all ready following you on WordPress you want us to de-follow you then add you to our bloglovin accounts? I’m all ready receiving your blogs, what make the difference whether it’s here or there? Just asking because I too have a Bloglovin account/link

    • monicaali says:

      Hi Jeni : ) Well I guess that the difference is that many bloglovin have a wider audience so if you are ranked higher you are more likely to be seen by more people. But in the end I am grateful no matter where you choose to follow me : )

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