In my kitchen….

The other day I was in a hurry. I am taking a short journalistic course & after class I biked faster than fast back home, because I had to get to taekwondo ( I teach children). My face had the color of a tomato & I was short of breath from running up the stairs  when I entered the kitchen yelling that I was in a hurry. To my surprise we had a guest. This guy right here.

Luckily he was dressed.If you don´t know him let me introduce you to one of the funniest guys on the planet. His name is Jason Rouse & he is pretty rude-even for a comedian. My husband has been touring with him, but I haven´t met him in person before & I was hoping that I would have met him ( just as I like to meet other people for the first time) not looking like a overcooked lobster. But he was very nice & I am looking forward to meeting him another time when I´m not in a hurry. If you are into comedy you should catch this guy next time he is in your neighborhood. He tours mostly in North America & Europe.

You can check out his webpage here.

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