Anne Sofie Madsen SS13





Danish avantgarde designer Anne Sofie Madsen is a favorite of mine. She is making pure art. I saw an interview where she explained how she is more satisfied by her art ending up in a persons wardrobe & the person is styling it her own way than if her illustration ends up on the wall. As a garment the piece interacts a lot more & she always imagine how her illustrations will move so garments are perfect in that sense. She also talked about how you have to offer something more as a high fashion designer, because high street fashion brands can produce & sell immediately after your show has been online-but if you offer great details & good fabrics it´s not possible to imitate very well. So those are some of the thoughts that translates to her design. Great quality, details & movement.




5 thoughts on “Anne Sofie Madsen SS13

  1. Nice photos!

    I nominated you for an Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out the details on my site.

    Take care,

  2. I hadn’t heard of her before, so thanks for sharing! I’m really digging this aesthetic and the approach to materials.

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