Made in Palestine

Also made in Palestine. I love it.

Banksy is one of the most popular street artists.  I believe it´s because Banksy´s art is so very clever. I love when artists poke us & put things in perspective when we´ve sort of lost it.

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26 thoughts on “Banksy

  1. vagranttraveler says:

    Having lived in Notting Hill for a few years, his art was all over that part of London, but it never got old walking past his work on a daily basis. He’s such a fabulous artist!

  2. Hi! i love your genreal interst ingeneral fashion, art & culture in genral. i’m generally assuming your proably genrally a really amusing person to hang with, im assuming!

  3. ArbitraryAmbrosia says:

    Love Banksy!

  4. mikedalley says:

    One of my favourite artists. His influence is still to be seen all over London.

  5. love love looove banksy, we have a big canvas in our dining room, really cool 🙂

  6. mathewfitch says:

    Great post, I love Banksy’s work. One of his stencils here in Melbourne was protected by the council, by means of a Perspex screen. It caused a bit of controversy (between both anti-street artist and street artists) and was destroyed with a bucket of paint shortly after it was protected.

    • monicaali says:

      Wow! Crazy that some people have the urge to destroy like that-even if they don´t like streetart.

      • Fitchy says:

        No, it was actually the street artists that destroyed it. Being preserved (by government particularly) is a contradiction to street art ethos. After it was bombed the new work there pays respect to Banksy, which shows it wasn’t an issue with his work, but the governance over it.

      • monicaali says:


  7. Fumi says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BANSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is brilliant and I love how he’s become a part of the urban landscape.

  8. Runway Passport says:

    Banksy is great! I was just watching the documentary.

  9. @somefactory says:

    You’ve been liking my posts since Day 1
    Thanks for the support.
    And Bansky is one of my favorite artists.
    Viva 2013!

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