Clémence Poésy


Clémence Poésy is gorgeous & her sense of style is admirable. She is definitely in my top 5  when it comes to style. She is the definition of the cool low key parisienne.



This photo has stuck in my memory from the first time I saw it years ago. It´s still on point. & it reminds me that I need to find a bowlerhat like that. Henrik Vibskov have made some for next summer-I need one now though!







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15 thoughts on “Clémence Poésy

  1. She is so wonderfully beautiful and cool, not sure many people can rock a trilbey as well as she can

  2. her last 3 looks are my fave! x

  3. Hello! 🙂
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  4. yeahh! I’m going to sound nerdy for saying this, but – omg it’s Fleur Delacour! LOL. Okay I’m done. 😀

  5. Oh Lord! I am in love with the jacket in the first picture!!!!!

  6. modej'adore says:

    She’s rockstar sheik! love her simplistic classy style

  7. Nice post. She is just so lovely… (not a bad thing that my bf says we look a bit similar :))

  8. Chic Lapin says:

    I fell in love with her when she was on Gossip Girl. Love how she always looks so polished but natural… how does she do it? :’)

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