Save the Children

Adorable isn´t she?

Today I was out with my children & my good friend. We were collecting money for the non governmental organisation: “Save the Children”. My oldest was so proud that she was helping other children get to school & quitting their jobs at dangerous factories. Did you know that a lot of places children are sewing & dyeing the clothes that we put on? A lot of companies in the West are taking advantage of starving families. They make children sew sequins on our tops just to help their family put food on the table. Or dye or clothes with chemicals. Awful.

My youngest did not understand why she couldn´t keep the money herself-haha. I had to tell her that she would earn some icecream. But seeing my oldest working hard for people in need felt really good. At home I grew up learning that we have a social responsibility. My parents worked really hard for their money at factories & such, but always put money aside for people that are less fortunate. Helping others lies deeply in their culture & I am happy to pass it on.

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11 thoughts on “Save the Children

  1. prettyfrenemy says:

    Such a good deed 🙂

  2. thebuttonupblog says:

    Love it good mama

  3. judithsmarkworld says:

    Reblogged this on Judithsmarkworld and commented:
    Every little bit helps!

  4. I couldnt have agreed more! Im a firm believer that we are only as good as the deeds we do for others!!

  5. Boobieslifeandluster says:

    Monica how lovely, what a beautiful deed. I just love it, and teaching your children also – that is just fantastic. LA x

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