Michelle Harper

Michelle Harper is all confetti to my eyes. She is chic & quirky as hell. She is a style consultant & member of the Couture Council at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY.


Photo from Susan Tabak´s homepage

Also a great shot from Susan Tabak. She has a lovely webpage that you can check out here.


Photo by Neilson Barnard, Getty Images.

Oh my she is beyond cool!


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9 thoughts on “Michelle Harper

  1. Helena Bruun says:

    Waauuuuw sikke en drøm af en kjole 😉

  2. paperportraiture says:

    She’s a great job where she gets to express herself so artistically, lucky girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post 🙂

  3. Kerri says:

    Wow, what great thighs!

  4. KristySamone says:

    She’s totally FAB – just like your posts:)

  5. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    I love “fashion people” like her, the ones that have original style and create their own looks rather than do the boring head-to-toe black uniform with a humongous bag. She’s a good successor to Isabella Blow

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