Miroslava Duma

This girl knows how to dress. Her style is both fun & chic. She is Miroslava Duma, daughter of a Russian senator. She used to cover social events for Russian Harpers Bazaar & now she is a fashion consultant.

Photo from Le 21eme by Adam Katz Sinding

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21eme

She really works heavy jewelry.

Miroslava in Marni for H&M

Notice the Derek Lam cape

I love how she uses color. She looks very much like a Marni & Miu Miu girl to me-quirky & chic.

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15 thoughts on “Miroslava Duma

  1. meganchapple says:

    Gorgeous. I love the second and third one

  2. Yes, unique elegant quirk!

  3. Mandy H. says:

    Love her style. And her hair. Swoon.

  4. I love the way she picks up current trends but still makes it her own

  5. Ms.Beltempo says:

    I love her style too! Need to get my hands on that colour-blocked coat!

  6. When I first saw her (in an amazing Chanel get up) I mistakenly thought she was a fashionable teenager. But lo and behold, to my surprise, she’s in her 30’s with a kid (Found on TheCoveteur’s article on her) :O

  7. askcarrie says:

    I love her Burberry Prorsum shoesespecially the fact that she mixed and matched them. So cool ! By the way thank you for liking my most recent post. You have a lovely blog 🙂


  8. Thanks so much for this post! I have seen tons of photos of her and never quite knew who she was. It’s amazing she’s in her 30’s (I call people like that “Peter Pans” and “Tinkerbells” – forever young). Love her style! – kristysamone.com

    • monicaali says:

      your welcome : ) Like you I have been wondering as well, but a helpful reader enlightened me after I posted a shot of her & really wanted to know who she is : ) I like the “Peter Pan” expression. I makes sense! xo Monica

  9. Isabella Taylor says:

    very cute style !

  10. Vicky Jo Lee says:

    Oh, love it! 3rd and 4th are my faves!

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