A little something for the home


This hedgehog paper clip magnet by Alessi will suit any desk & add a little fun.



Antistress ball x 4-creepy in a good way



This Bambi lamp is ofcourse cute in your kids room, but if you are a child at heart & very girly you might love this one for yourself. I know I would even if it´s man repelling ; ) But I would keep it away from the bedroom-or it will get a little too annoying & sweet.


You can also tone it a little down & choose this bunny instead.



Cool wallpaper that will add an edge & add an eastern feeling to my very Scandinavian home.



Cherries are cool & pretty. This one is a toiletbrush!



Since toiletbrushes are always dull this cherrytoiletbrush could be a nice solution for my home.



This candleholder is called endless lightning. It will add an instant cosy feeling.



Too add the library feeling at home & keep the paper from being a mess. By Alessi



For your files or magazines from NoMess



Normann couch-I love it in navy.



Another couch I would like to own.



Urbania candleholders.

Which do you like? All the stuff are from areastore.dk & designdelicatessen.dk

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12 thoughts on “A little something for the home

  1. Those anti-stress balls are so cute and funny! Love the yellow accents on that couch too!

  2. I love ALL of these! I’m obsessed with office supplies and furniture shopping. Thanks for posting!

  3. emilyannfrances says:

    Hi! The wallpaper has a retro look. It reminds me in some ways of the metal work that used to appear in New York City lofts in the early 20th Century. Sometimes it was on the cielings othertimes on the walls. I’d put it into a kitchen with an oldfashioned stove and ice box.

  4. mrs fringe says:

    Love the antistress balls–so fun! And the navy couch is giving me ideas for my small apartment…:)

  5. KorubettosHaiku says:

    I love the cherry loo brushes and the hedgehog. The navy couch is something I would buy too (the small one I mean). Thanks for dropping by and liking one of my posts : )

  6. The Wertis says:

    Love the wallpaper!

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