More gorgeous women with shaved heads

Earlier this year I did a post on women with shaved heads which you can see right here. I thought i would share some more shots of women with shaved heads since they really own the look.



Beautiful Azmarie. She´s a crazy chameleon. I picked out some of the more feminine photos I could find. But if you saw Americas Next Top Model cycle 18 you saw how versatile she was. Usually so masculine that I forgot that she was a woman. I think I wasn´t the only one thinking she would make a gorgeous man!

Beautiful model



Erykah Badu owns this look. I believe this is the best look for her.


Multi talent Grace Jones can at times look a bit scary, but this is a true beauty shot.



Model Pat Evans is best known for her work in the 60´s & 70´s back when it was really different to shave your head as a women. I find her gorgeous.

Have a great sunday everybody!

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21 thoughts on “More gorgeous women with shaved heads

  1. jesstaylor says:

    A really interesting post, I think women with shaved heads often go under the radar cos there’s so many negative connotations behind it (Britney Spears, sorry!) but this proves that it looks stunning on the right person!


  2. These women all appear to be Black. Are they? To look good with a shaved head, you have to have great bone structure and big features. These women are fierce!

    • monicaali says:

      I didn´t think about color-just a coincidence : )

      • ok, but I was just thinking about America’s Next Top Model and the girls who rocked that look were black, too. Maybe the dark velvety skin looks especially pretty with it. There is Annie Lennox, who is white, and has the nearly bald look, but I’m not a fan. I just think maybe theblack chicks own this look! Maybe you can show me different? Lauren


      • leana says:

        demi moore, natalie portman, amber rose just to name a few

  3. thebuttonupblog says:

    Very cool post. They are really actually very beautiful. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. lifestyletea says:

    erykah badu definitely rocks this look so well!

  5. missgiven says:

    I want to do this, but the owner at my work would have a cow!

  6. Isn’t that first girl from Americas Next Top Model?

  7. bexbagan says:

    She is gorgeous! Don’t think I would ever have the guts to shave my head!

  8. ayoliag says:

    amazing bone structure! 🙂

  9. shannon4ever says:

    You have to be a very confident person to pull the shaved head look off…these women look amazing. STRONG, CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL. X

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