My new throwing stars…


…are just fridgemagnets, but they look sooo cool! I bought them at, which is my local design-thingy store. The postcard is a so called miniature painting. I love those. They are really old-this specific one is from about the year 1765 & from Faizabad, India.  The miniatures were often part of a manuscript & that is why they got their small size. If you want to see more & you live in Copenhagen you can visit Davids Samling ( Davids collection) in Kronprinsessegade. It´s part of the Nationalmuseum & the entrance is free.

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10 thoughts on “My new throwing stars…

  1. makeittrendy says:

    Love it! sooo want some!

  2. I love these magnets! What a great imagination someone has to come up with these.

    Walking in Pretty Shoes

  3. thebuttonupblog says:

    Seriously rad magnets xx

  4. […] knifemagnet would look good with my throwing stars ( which you can see here […]

  5. ココシャネル
    き継いだピエール ‘息子がカールラガーフェルドのサービス設計者を確保することができたとNoシャネルを作った

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