A Thumb Princess in Korean Vogue










I´m so sorry about the photos! I have no idea what happened, but here they are!

Such pretty photos. Have a great day & please yet again VOTE for me right here & press STEM-which means vote. Thank you all for bearing with me with all this blog award thing. Big hug & kiss!!!


8 thoughts on “A Thumb Princess in Korean Vogue

  1. Jacquelinex says:

    I voted for you! Well, I think I did. It was in Danish I believe, but clicked on the thumbs up. Good luck!

  2. missgiven says:

    For some reason my computer wont let me see the photos. 😦

  3. Your photos are question marks which usually means something has happened to the original.

  4. Amalie Ardahl says:

    Just voted! Good luck xoxo


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