Boyy slash bag!

My sweet friend Maria, that I have known since we were kids had this cool bag with her last time she was at my place. I couldn´t take my eyes of it & I have been thinking about it ever since. The best thing is that the price isn´t that bad at all.

AND…they are all two in one. You can turn the front over &…

you have a new bag!

Btw my friend Maria also have a blog. Check it out here. She has exquisite taste!

& don´t forget to vote for my blog here. All you have to do is press STEM, which means vote. I have tough competition so I really need the support. Thank you guys! You´re the best!!!



6 thoughts on “Boyy slash bag!

  1. Love! Your friend (and you!) have fabulous taste!

  2. The Latest. says:

    Adorable bags! Great post!

    Feel free to check out my latest posts at ! I hope you enjoy!

  3. Great bags. Now you’ve got me thinking about them!
    x Laura

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