Kinck videoshoot “This Beat”

Saturday I met up with singer Stine Kinck, a group of kick ass gorgeous women & the very talented director Amdi Niss-Espinoza ( Amdi is a nominee at Danish Music Awards for the video “Tomgang” he did for Shaka Loveless). Stine who go by the name Kinck was shooting a new video from her new EP “Alter Ego” & she needed a bunch of cool women to do a couple of scenes with her. It was so much fun. We were all wearing a whole lot of colors & I was inspired by “cholas” so I was wearing a bandana & good amount of makeup. Also I had a bomberjacket, leo leggins & high heeled boots. I didn´t bring a camera so I don´t have a picture, but you might catch a glimpse of me in the video. I will ofcourse give you the link as soon as it´s done & up on youtube. Until then here are some shots of the beautiful Stine Kinck & the link to her facebook page right here where you can download her EP for free until 30th november. & here you can watch her latest video “Boss”. Btw Stine songs are in Danish, but even if you don´t understand the words I think you will enjoy it anyway. I fx love to listen to french music even though I only get a couple of words. Music is universal. Enjoy!

Picture borrowed from the blog “Dazed & Rouged”.

This picture is also borrowed from the blog Dazed & Rouged. It´s definitely worth a visit. You can visit the blog here.

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