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I felt like showing you little glimpses of my home. The first picture is in one of the childrens room. The curtains are from Marimekko & I actually spotted them in Sex & the City the movie where Carrie also has these curtains in her home. We also have them in the other kids room in red. I love that they are a little piece of art with a lot of funny details. The mobile was bought in Turkey on a locale market. Love Turkey.



Another mobile made in wood. It was a present from two of my best friends when my oldest was born. Above is a postcard that I bought at a museum called Davids Samling/Davids Collection. It´s an old mosaic from Isfahan in Iran.


A small poster from the British Museum´s “Afghanistan” exhibition.




These two bowl were a wedding gift. They are from an Icelandic brand called “Kogga”. They make beautiful stuff & it´s also familybusiness.



Virgin Mary, bought in a Greek Orthodox convent on a small Greek Island. The convent was very charming & was up in the mountains.



Mumin pillow. I love that their universe is a bit dark. I bought in in Reykjavik, Iceland.



Frida Kahlo is hanging out. I bought her in Strand bookstore in NY just by Union Square. I love that bookstore.



Buddha. I love little religious symbols. I would love to say that it was bought in India, but I actually also bought this one in New York at Daffy´s-haha.



Molotow pencils. It looks so cool when you write or draw with them.




It´s me! A drawing by Sara Stilling. I love it. It was a birthday gift from Sara.


Fatimas hand & the eye that protects from “jin” aka demons also bought on a local market in Turkey & another postcard from Davids Samling/Davids Collection. It´s a miniaturepainting from India.


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11 thoughts on “Around my place

  1. K'outure says:

    You have a lovely home, the moomin pillow is my favourite. Did you make that?? K3 x

    • monicaali says:

      Thank you : ) I bought the pillowcase in Iceland. It´s from a Finnish brand called Finlayson. I´m pretty sure that you can buy them online.

  2. Dip It Black says:

    What a lovely place!
    And that pillow is too cute :)!


  3. emilyannfrances says:

    I love the way you’ve intermingled spiritual elements and design elements. Your home has a special feeling to it.

  4. I love glimpses of your home – very creative! I especially the Kogga bowls.

  5. lumar1298 says:

    I loved your home… Thanks for sharing… I particularly liked the mumin pillow…

  6. Hi!
    Thankx for stopping by my blog and liking 🙂

    Tamara from

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