Modeblogprisen 2012/Fashionblog awards 2012

As you know I went to Modeblogprisen the other night. Here are some of my pictures from the event. Above is Acie. If you don´t know her blog you can visit it here. I had a chance to talk to her & was as cool as her lovely blog. She is on blogger like Tine from Modeso – who was also there. I forgot to take a photo of her though while I was talking with them. Tine won the most personal blog award. Her blog is in Danish, so if you aren´t Danish you will miss her humor ( she is very funny & does not take herself too seriously), but her style is really nice as well so have a look here.


Above is blogger & member of the jury Columbine Smille! She has an amazing blog that I have recommended earlier here. She works for Elin Kling´s Style By magazine & she was so nice : )



Ole also known as Ndustry half of the dynamic producer duo Kay & Ndustry who makes music for Ankerstjerne, Big Time Rush, Selena Gomez & Christopher.

Rapper Oliver Kesi

Designer & shop owner Kendt. His very unique shop is located in Nansensgade & is also called Kendt.

Jørn Borup from Mtv Denmark. Jørn & I actually know each other from taekwondo. He also used to kick ass on the nationalteam : )

Mana in the red dress is a stylist, singer & a blogger. Her blog is called Eyeliner Airlines & you can check it out here.

Créol Brothers´ Mads Emil is here receiving an award for best male blog.

Trine from won Pilgrim of the year. She really deserves it since she has been branding herself really well & now has her own hairproduct line & has been designing  stuff for other brands.

With Trine is also singer Szhirley that hosted the event.

The event took place at hotel Marriott.

Clara Sofie was entertaining. Her voice is wonderful.

Dj Jean Van Baden made sure that we had great music.

Me & my Margaret Thatcher hair ; ) I was wearing a Zara jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt & Jacobs by Marc Jacobs bag.

Thanks again for voting!!!! You guys rock!!!!

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11 thoughts on “Modeblogprisen 2012/Fashionblog awards 2012

  1. emilyannfrances says:

    Monica-Maggie Thatcher WISHED she looked so cool. The hairstyle is very becoming to you. Also, Maria looks fabulous in her red dress, especially as she is so blonde.

  2. shiroknowes says:

    Love to watch all this different people and for me your hair looked good, stunning lipstick you had on ! Xoxo

  3. lumar1298rB says:

    You look fantastic… Hairstyle is great too…

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