Some more glimpses of my home


This kitch bag was bought at K-Mart. My husband was horrified, but I love it.



I always forget to buy cards for birthdays so I bought a package of pretty cards for all occasions instead.



This bracelet by Georg Jensen was a anniversary gift from my husband.



This Chinese goddess have been with me since I was a kid. It was a birthday gift from my parents. I pointed it out myself. I have no idea why I wanted it back then, but I guess my fascination with religion started very early ( I also had a Saudi Arabian coin with a picture of the Kaaba that I loved very much).



Here is little My from the Mumin tales. I like that she´s always looking a bit angry.Here she is a bookmark.



Steve Madden boots. I haven´t been wearing them much yet, but I think I will wear them some more now.


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4 thoughts on “Some more glimpses of my home

  1. The Chinese statue looks like Kwan Yin.

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