Yesterday I was wearing well…print.


I like mixing a lot of different kinds of print. I wore a Top shop leo headband, H&M leo t-shirt, pants from H&M that seems inspired by Alexander McQueen & lovely beat up All stars. & yes beat up can be good if you ask me.





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5 thoughts on “Yesterday I was wearing well…print.

  1. Kerri says:

    You look very “put together” is a an unselfconscious sort of way.

  2. eomollo says:

    Funny you should post such images but perhaps your looking to just make your point across. I dunno why they seem to like them shoes, converse is so old school I even favored starting to wear a brand new pair of adidas cross trainers. No problem just makes it that much harder on the feet you know what I mean? if possible to replace them with some nike air or whatever other choice you seem perfect. I think air jordan craze is over and done wit, I recently had $100 and was thinking about sneakers.. .perhaps walking around in a pair of air max makes people stop looking at the situation. I regard sneakers very high no matter the coss dunno about j00!   Erusto Omolo Mob: (469) 878-9555 Website:


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