The bead goes on….by Signe Breum aka Engis

My sweet friend Signe Breum opened her art exhibition yesterday. All her work was made with beads & I have never seen anything like it. As many other artists she uses her own experiences & feelings as inspiration for her art. Knowing Signe I couldn´t help feeling very moved by her work. Just the name of the exhibition brings a lot of feelings up in me-& I´m not talking about the reference to Michael Jackson ; ) It was very beautiful, some painful & there were also many references to the 80´s videogames so it was also very humouristic.

She also made these QR codes from beads-l was loving it. Scan & read the story or inspiration behind the individual work.

This one is so funny to me.  & it must have taken her ages to make it!

Love it. & as you can see under the QR code there is a little sign-ofcourse also made in the same 80´s digital look that says SOLGT (for non-danes it means sold). I loved all the details.


Some of her lovely guests.

& the gorgeous artist herself: Signe Breum aka. Engis.

Within three hours half of the works were already sold & I am one of the lucky owners! It´s gonna look so cool at my place & will make me smile every single day.

I highly recommend those of you that live in or will stop by Copenhagen to drop by & see the exhibition.The exhibition is open until the 27th November. Monday-friday 18-20 & in the weekends 12-15. It´s at VESS – Vesterbro Showroom: Oehlenschlægersgade 36, 1663 København

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One thought on “The bead goes on….by Signe Breum aka Engis

  1. LisaLesa says:

    So cool…I love your work and your wonderful sense of humour. Ace!

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