Take a look inside this home


This livingroom is located in Rio de Janeiro & belongs to designers Cris & Marcelo Rosenbaum. Their style is very boheme with plenty of designer items. I always enjoy when others have a lot of color in their home & when clash is part of the style. Furniture don´t always have to match if you ask me.







What every kid wants-a high bed & this one is the coolest.



It´s a closet decorated with a colorful world.






Lovely don´t you think? I like that not all the rooms are “noisy” with color & stuff that are piled up, but that some are.

All pictures are from the phenomenal page theSelby. You can visit them here.

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7 thoughts on “Take a look inside this home

  1. sjvella says:

    how I wish this was my home 🙂 I also nominated you for very inspirational blogger award for more info check my post : https://monicacph.wordpress.com/

  2. Dip It Black says:

    What a great house!
    Love the arty feeling! And the fact that every room is so different, but still got the same vibe as the rest!


  3. emilyannfrances says:

    I never expected abathroom rug with a pentacle on it. Are they Wiccans? I like the 5th photo (red chair against brick type of wall). It has a 1960s feeling to it.

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