This weekend I went to Sweden…


I lived in Sweden for two years & ofcourse I like to go back once in a while. & there are some stuff that I have to bring home with me. I always buy plenty of Ramlösa with different flavors. In Denmark we only have the regular carbonated water & the citrus one-& they are expensive, but in Sweden you can´t get about ten different flavors & different brands as well that have more flavors. I love the apple & also the mango flavor.

In the black paperbag is my “lös godis” which means candy that you mix yourself. Again a lot of stores in Sweden has a whole wall full of different candies & the prize is really good.

Blueberry soup is also important-can´t be bought in Danish supermarkets & it´s sooo good!

I also bought the new Läkarol YUP gummies. They are without sugar, but ofcourse filled with some crappy sweeteners, but they are pretty tasty.

I´m a huge tea-drinker & Sweden has cheap & really good tea (no it´s not local ; )-but the brand is Swedish). This time I bought two types of green tea-one with vanilla flavor & the other one is mango. & I always keep a stash of the African red bush tea with lemongrass & cornflower flavor-it´s delicious.

& I had to get a Styleby magazine. It´s famous blogger Elin Klings magazine & the amazing Columbine Smille ( whom I was lucky to meet a couple of weeks ago-you can see pictures from the event here.) is the fashioneditor I have the app so I can read on my Ipad, but this is the first physical copy-yeah!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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13 thoughts on “This weekend I went to Sweden…

  1. shiroknowes says:

    Hi great all these good products, I went for ice skating this weekend ! Xoxo

  2. emilyannfrances says:

    I think green tea with vanilla would taste delicious for breakfast along with a croissant or brioche. This past weekend I started getting the apartment ready for Christmas. I brought out some of my Mom’s collectibles, cleaned them up and will soon start putting into the curio cabinet and elsewhere.

    • monicaali says:

      That´s sounds lovely! I think the christmas decorations will come out this weekend at our home. I´m so lazy when it comes to christmas decorations. Probably because i didn´t grow up with it, but it´s always cheers me up & it´s important to my kids also.

  3. trendbytes says:

    I was in Rome and Venice and came home with all kinds of goodies like yours…Italian hard candies like Sperlari in cool flavors like honey, coffee (Lavazza, of course) and gelatin fruits. Also porcini bouillon, pastas and Italian breakfast cakes like Mulina Bianco Plum Cake. Also bought great pharmacy items like Robert’s rose water, deodorant and hair products from the amazing Venetian pharmacy Al Lupo Coronato…FUN!!! Loved seeing your Swedish haul!

    • monicaali says:

      That sounds soooo good! I have never been to Italy, but I would really love to. When I go I must buy some of this stuff!

  4. caroline1t says:

    I love this! I was born in Sweden but left when I was 3. I’m dying to go back and actually visit.

  5. Looks like you picked up some good items! I lounged around watching TV and nursed a cold this weekend. Yuck!

  6. Chic Ego says:

    That’s on our bucket list of destinations to visit!

  7. Siegrid Ree says:

    I hope one day I get to have another adventure, sounds like you had a good time. But alas, my adventures are all in blogging at the moment.

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