If you feel like reading something a little stimulating…

Fashion is huge in my world, but like all of you I also have other interests. As many of you know I have a masters degree in religious & minority studies. & I always find it interesting & stimulating to read about minorities & their positions in the societies they live in. One of my former professors  & my friend wrote this very interesting book called:” Minorities in Iran. Nationalism and Ethnicity after Khomeini.” that will be released in february, but is up for pre order right now.

The author is Rasmus Christian Elling. He is Assistant Professor of Iranian Studies at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the one that taught me to read & write Persian. He is a very patient man ; ) His research covers sociological issues of ethnicity, nationalism, urban violence, and youth subculture in modern Iranian history. What I think will be interesting to you guys is that the book offers a look inside a nation that you probably don´t know much about. This book is about minorities in Iran & the fact that half of the country consists of minorities. Now you can probably imagine all the stories that are behind all of these many groups. What complex clashes that has taken place & which consequences that came from these conflicts. Find it interesting? I´m looking very much forward to reading this book.

Take a look at the reviews:

‎”Rasmus Christian Elling’s wonderful book on Iran’s major ethnic minorities is a unique and brilliant analysis of the changing role of these ethnic groups… The book is highly recommended for students and scholars of Iran and of ethnic and nationalist questions, and for all thoughtful Iranians.”
—Nikki R. Keddie, Professor Emerita of History, UCLA, USA

“In a challenging and well-researched book, Rasmus Christian Elling brings considerable theoretical sophistication to a subtle and acute analysis of the issue, focusing on four key minorities and their histories, particularly since the 1978-79 revolution… This important book, ground-breaking in Iranian Studies, is a major contribution to the political sociology of ethnicity, nationalism, and minority-state relations.”
—Richard Tapper, Emeri

tus Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK

“This excellent book provides an analytically powerful yet subtle study of competing processes and discourses that shape Iranian cultural diversity. This is a highly erudite and well-written work, built on years of meticulous empirical research. Indeed, Elling has written a wonderful book that will set the standard for the future scholarship in this field.”
—Siniša Malešević, Senior Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

“Rasmus Christian Elling has addressed the thorny issues of minorities, ethnicity, and national identity in post-revolutionary Iran with such dexterity and care that from now on this book will be on the reading list of any serious scholar examining these topics.”
—Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Associate Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University, USA

If you are interested you can order the book here & if it´s over your budget your library will probably get it as soon as it hits the market.
What are you currently reading?
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4 thoughts on “If you feel like reading something a little stimulating…

  1. Kerri says:

    Sounds like a very interesting read, but I don’t know how we can ever have a meaningful dialogue on these topics… ” thorny issues of minorities, ethnicity, and national identity” when discussions on such issues really are not safe to engage in, at least not for the ordinary person on the street. Only academics are qualified to have such freedom. 🙂

  2. eomollo says:

    Hey, sorry I missed your call but I was thinking about opening up to you and all i’m one of your readers. I have never been to your country but from where I am which is Texas, USA nothing sounds better than a very warm welcome. Anyway, I like hearing from you and am asking that you watch what you say and do show kindness i’m into religion pursuing whatever comes my way forgiveness on things i’ve done to wrong another human. I was sitting at home escaping from all this reading the flirting and role playing get’s touchy certain unasked for moments. Regardless your cool and I was wanting to remind you to tune into to watch this show on abc called modern family I always miss it but it’s popular here..best luck, ciao.  Erusto Omolo Mob: (469) 878-9555 Website: http://www.eomollo.brinkster.net/


  3. monicaali says:

    Hi Erusto,
    I have been reading your comment & I´m sorry but I don´t really understand. Have I been offending when it comes do religion? Maybe you misunderstood or I made a mistake writing since English is not my first language, because I really don´t have anything against any religion. Please point out where so I can correct it. Thank you : )

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