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I´m staying with homedecor for a couple of days since I like to buy stuff for my loved ones homes for christmas. I found some furniture that is “a little” above my budget, but they are beautiful so I had to show you. They are all from a shop next to where I live that is called Fil de Fer & everything has had a life somewhere else & some are antiques. They are in perfect shape since they are made from really good materials.


I would love to own this glass cabinet. I would put some porcelain & some of my favorite decorative stuff.


This one would look lovely in any kitchen with all the prettiest kitchen items.


This dresser would suit mine or one of my kids bedroom.


This dresser is from around 1850 & still looks perfect. I wonder who it use to belong to…


This cabinet would suit one of my bare walls.




This would be great for jewelry & hair accessories. A nice display & your stuff is easier to find.

Would you bring any of these home? You can see more at

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4 thoughts on “More for your home

  1. caroline1t says:

    I love re-purposing old furniture. That filing cabinet is amazing, I could picture it in my home for sure!

  2. sewbie says:

    Love all these pieces! Upcycling vintage furniture is my favorite.

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