Great hair

I don´t have any good tips regarding great hair. I don´t have the patience to style my hair for more than one minute a day & I never buy the new fancy hairproduct & overprized pighair hairbrushes. Maybe it´s because I´m lucky to have thick black hair, because I can use any shampoo & it looks the same. The only thing is that my hair can be like barbed wire & I have to use a lot of wax to make it look flat. Right now my undercut  & bangs are growing out-that does not look too cool to say the least. My sides looks like a hedgehog. Since I´m kind of tired of looking at my not so awesome hair I found pic´s of pretty cool hairstyles. Have a look & tell me which you like.

arizona bambi-northwood-blyth solangeknowles wethair

I want this hair. It needs a lot of products though, but it looks so cool. The picture is from a Bumble & Bumble campaign.


Great look. The picture is from a Davines campaign.

fashion gone rogue

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11 thoughts on “Great hair

  1. elkeeb says:

    Solange!!!! She’s gorgeous!

  2. shiroknowes says:

    Beautiful photos ! Xoxo

  3. missgiven says:

    I would love to have super short super white hair but my job would protest. 😦

    • monicaali says:

      So annoying that hair can get in the way. Amazing how much appearance means to people. It´s not that I don´t understand-I just wish it wasn´t an issue.

  4. designtrolls says:

    I know short hair would never work on me – but my favorite is the subtle pink shooooort hair cut – and I wish it would look as amazing on me as it does on her!

  5. Beautiful photos. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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