The Jaggers

Mick Jagger has incredible taste in women & he is also a father to several gorgeous women. The next couple of days will be about some of the important women in Mick Jaggers life since they look & dress so beautifully.

The first woman that had Mick Jaggers child was an American woman called Marsha Hunt. Marsha Hunt is a singer, model, actress & a novelist. She moved to London & became quite famous for a small part in the musical Hair. She was modeling a lot in that time & went nude for a Vogue cover. Hunt & Mick Jagger met & had a low key relationship for less than a year & in 1970 she had Mick Jaggers first baby & her only: Karis Jagger Hunt.

Karis is the only daughter that hasn´t been into modeling even though her mother were a model. Instead she graduated from Yale in 1992 with a major in history & seems to try to keep away from the limelight.


Karis with her father.

Karis Jagger

Karis & her mother Marsha Hunt.


Marsha Hunt

marsha hunt

Marsha Hunt in her younger days.

marsha-hunt marshahunt

Wow. The picture that made the cover of Vogue.

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6 thoughts on “The Jaggers

  1. emilyannfrances says:

    I’m going to enjoy this series of postings, Monica. It’s a subject I’ve never seen anyone post about before. Karis reminds me of Jade, just a little in the second photo.

  2. sjvella says:

    lovely i nominated you for the liebster award 🙂 x

  3. missgiven says:

    Love Mick Jagger. This is awesome!

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