The Jaggers part 2

Mick And Bianca


What a gorgeous couple. Mick Jagger & his first wife Bianca Jagger. They met after a Rolling Stones concert in 1970 & shortly after she was pregnant & they got married. Bianca gave birth to Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger in 1971 just before Karis Jagger Hunt turned 1 year old. Mick & Bianca divorced in 1978 because of his affair with Jerry Hall, who later became his wife & mother of four Jaggers.

While many of us think white horse & Studio 54 when thinking about Bianca Jagger there is so much more to this woman. She is a socialite, model, actress & human rights & climate spokesperson. She is no figurehead, but has written articles & given many speeches about these serious matters. She actually won a lot of awards for her dedication. Her motivation came from a visit to her native country Nicaragua. She was in chock after learning about  the repression that the Somoza regime ( actually a family ) put the citizens of Nicaragua through from 1936-1979.

iB-getty B&J

Bianca & Jade Jagger ( cool name)

bianca-jagger-mick-jagger Bianca-Jaggergetty

Still so graceful

Bianca-Richard Avedon Bianca+Jagger

Bianca is 67 now & still drop dead gorgeous.

BJ halston-2

Bianca with Halston-ofcourse wearing Halston

Andy Warhol & B

Bianca with her dear friend Andy Warhol.

bianca on horse

The legendary moment at Bianca´s birthday party at Studio 54.

Mick Jagger really knows how to pick them. Beautiful & smart women with impeccable style.

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8 thoughts on “The Jaggers part 2

  1. shiroknowes says:

    Love this post and I nominated you for the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award, please check out for details at my blog……..Happy Christmass! Xoxo

  2. I haven’t seen photos of Bianca for a long time. This was a great update.

  3. Looooove this post! Congrats! 😉

  4. elkeeb says:

    Bianca is my favorite of Mick’s conquests.

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