The Jaggers part 3



Mick & Bianca Jaggers daughter Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger is like her mother known as a socialite & a model, but is also a fashion jewelry designer who used to be creative director at Garrard Jewellers in London, but now sells her jewelry around the world & also has a number of her own stores. Andy Warhol taught her how to paint & earlier in her career she worked as a painting artist. Her father passed on a good work ethic so she likes to make her own way & not be a trust-fund child.

She has to daughters: Amba Isis & Assisi Lola


Jade jagger


Here as a model for Indiska.


Jade Jagger for Indiska jade-jagger Jade+Jagger jaggersdagger


She designed the “Jagger Dagger” for Belvedere Vodka. The dagger is decorated with 18-carat white gold hilt studded with 12 carats (2.4 g) of brilliant-cut diamonds, 42 pale sapphires, and inlaid with a central blue lapis lazuli square.


Tim Walker


Jade with her daughter when they were small.



Now all grown up & posing.






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2 thoughts on “The Jaggers part 3

  1. caroline1t says:

    Their family is amazing isn’t it?! Great pics!

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